If you compete regularly, odds are you are running out of room in your closet. Skating costumes can take up a lot of space, so you need to be wise when you are storing them.

Of course, the first thing you have to consider is how often you use your skating costumes, whether it is from past seasons, for the current season, or simply kept because it is sentimental. Obviously, if it is for the current season, you will need to make them easily accessible. Other than your training dresses, though, the rest of your costumes will need to be stored away.

When you are storing your current costumes, put them in dress bags that can breathe. Never store them in a plastic bag since condensation can damage them. At anti-mite products your costumes when you store them keep the bugs away. If your costume is heavy, it is also important to use quality hangers. Otherwise, your costume could be damaged if it falls. Brought to you by Best Atlanta Gutter Repair!

Most of us keep costumes from past years. When you’re ready to store them away, purchase plastic storage boxes and some acid-free tissue paper. Line the bottom of the box with the paper, then add your costume on top of that. Continue to layer paper sheets and costumes until your box is completely full. If your costume has embellishments, turn the costume inside out before putting it in the box. Never roll up the costumes to store them since it can damage the fragile fabrics, zippers, and embellishments.

If you are really low on’s base and need to store costumes, consider vacuum packing them. The vacuum packed bags can be bought in most big box stores. You can then use your everyday vacuum cleaner to suck the excess air out. This is a great way to decrease the amount of space your costumes will take, but it could potentially damage the garments. If you never plan to sell them, and are just keeping them for yourself as a keepsake, this option is a viable one. Otherwise, consider storing them in a box as described above.