When it’s time to prepare yourself for competitions, it is important to be as comfortable and confident as possible. The two most important things that can help you have a successful competition are to always come prepared and to trust yourself. Below are some other tips to help you prepare for your figure skating competitions:

  • Try to avoid anxiety: occasionally, you will need to miss school for competition. This can be distracting. Because of this, as soon as you know your competition schedule, talk with your teachers to make arrangements. That way, you can focus on your skating.
  • Visualize yourself at the event: there are many aspects a figure skating competition. The more you are able to prepare yourself for it, the better. A buddy of mine over at  http://www.bufordroofingco.com/ has a girlfriend who is a master at this! She prepares unlike anything I have ever seen. In the days and weeks before your competition, visualize yourself competing there. Think about where you will be on the ice, where the judges will be located, etc. If you have never competed before, ask your coach to help you visualize it.
  • Plan ahead of time: you will need to practice everything, including your warm-up and the time it takes for you to get in position on the ice. Make the entire experience as realistic as you can by wearing your competition outfit out on the ice.
  • Secure your equipment: a week or two before the competition, tighten the screws that attach your blades to your boots and sharpen the blades. A week before the competition, replace your laces to help prevent them from breaking right before you go out on the ice. Always keep an extra pair laces in your bag. Checking the items ahead of time will ease some anxiety and perhaps help you dodge some hurdles on the day of the competition.
  • Keep up with the schedule: as soon as you arrive at the rink, check in with the rink monitor. That way, you will know when you need to get ready for your event. Talk with your coach to plan a place and time to meet for you to warm up and go over any final details.
  • Always trust yourself: you have worked hard to get here, so go out and show the judges what you can do. Your hard work will shine through to the judges as you perform.

The main thing to remember competition, is to have fun. You will win some and you will lose some, and that’s okay. Just make sure you learn from your successes and your failures on the ice.