Welcome to the Glacier Skating Arena. We are a private owned ice skating rink located in Denver, Colorado.

Glacier Skating Arena is a full service skating facility that offers skating programs for every age and ability. We are open seven days a week, twelve months a year to serve our customers. We offer skating for individuals and groups each morning, and dedicate the evenings to teaching figure skating. Our coaches are dedicated to figure skating and work hard with the students individually and in groups to help them be the best they can on the ice. We promote fun, fitness and participation with all our figure skating programs.

Some of our open classes for the mornings include ones that teach the basics of ice skating. During the summer months, we also offer a morning Ice Skating Summer Camp. We have wonderful facilities that make ice skating at Glacier Skating Arena a blast! We offer our skaters and coaches a pro shop with a wide variety of options and a concession stand for giving you the energy to complete your lesson or simply have fun on the ice. Our patrons are offered affordable recreation in a facility that is safe, clean, and affordable.

This blog is dedicated to our figure skating programs here at Glacier Skating Arena. Hopefully, you will learn more about what it takes to compete in figure skating through these articles.