Have you ever been to a figure skating competition and see a young girl dance to something inappropriate? If so, you understand the need for the music to be age-appropriate. When a skater is competing throughout the season, the music they choose will be used throughout the entire season to several different kinds of competitions, and perhaps even in a testing session or two. The music that they use these to set the life stage of the skater, or their age, so the skater is not overpowered either in their skating ability or the aesthetics. A business owner  I know over at junk removal Smyrna, his wife really follows this figure skating and travels everywhere to see them skate. Think about a young boy skating to music that is powerful, such as the Godfather soundtracks. Many times, a young child will not be able to keep up with this music. This is not always the case, but typically that kind of music is too strong for a young child.

If the piece of music you choose is overpowering the skater while they are on the ice, it can be very detrimental to the skater, making them seem out of place in the program. The skater can look like their skating slower than they are. Classical music can make a young skater seem like they are airy and light, but when they struggle to keep up with a powerful piece of music, their skating can look sluggish as I try to keep up with the emotion and the tempo of the music.

If you are unsure what kind of music you should use, you need to talk with your coach so they can help you find the best music that will help bring out your abilities. Besides, the whole purpose of the program is for the skater to show off all the things they can do in a beautiful and coordinated way. Your coach should have a wealth of experience to guide you in the right direction. Taking your coach’s suggestion will help you to choose the musical style or song that will work great with your figure skating abilities.