If you are a figure skater, competition is an essential part of what you do. In any kind of competition, there are things that you can learn from your competitors. Below are three things you can learn about life and skating from your competitors:

  1. When you compete with yourself you are always a winner: you are always ranked against other skaters in the competition. That’s the point of a competitive sport. That is not what it is necessarily all about, though, because there are bigger lessons you can learn as you begin to see your competitors as fellow skaters who are also trying to improve themselves. Whichever skaters grow the most and improve consistently throughout the season are not the ones simply competing for a trophy. They desire to get better. If your goal is to better yourself, you will learn more about yourself as a skater at each competition.
  2. Never take yourself too seriously: we’ve all seen skaters who get intense during competition. A lady on tv that I watched doing skating had this problem, that my friend pointed out over at towing Atlanta Ga. They seem to think that everything is drama, but they can remind us to stay true to ourselves through competition. Skating is a great way to show your personality, not just about winning. The way you act and react during these competitions will ultimately shape who you are, so stay accountable to yourself but keep your feet firmly planted.
  3. Stay graceful: this is important to do whether you win or lose. No one wants to be around to show off. Whatever happens, stay humble, and you will help everyone else feel great to, as well as build up a good reputation for yourself.

Every time you go out on the ice, you should learn something. There is so much that you can learn from your competitors when you are competing in figure skating. Just keep your eyes and ears open to what’s going on around you at all times, and you are sure to learn many lessons.